We highly recommend Turkish companies to take advantage of this valuable webinar that want to enter or grow their presence in competitive US markets. SOME QUESTIONS WE WILL ANSWER IN THIS WEBINAR What are the requirements a company has to consider before deciding to enter the US Markets? What are the commercial, legal and marketing…
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Studio New York – Alex Demirhan Demir

ATCCI East President Alex Demirhan Demir joined Studio New York on EkoTurk TV to discuss current developments and Turkey-US relations.

Biden Presidency presents new opportunities for Turkey US relations

In an interview featured in the December issue of Z-raporu, one of the prominent business publications of Turkey, ATCCI West President Mr. Kurt Gökhan Ölçer talked about how the relations between Turkey and the United States could evolve during the upcoming Joe Biden Presidency. Mr. Olcer emphasized the United States and Turkey share many common…
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Yeni yılda hangi sektörler kazandıracak?

Amerika’da yeni yılda ekonominin gidişatı ne yönde olacak? Hangi sektörler daha çok kazandıracak? Ekotürk TV’de Naz Özdeğirmenci ile Stüdyo New York programında ATCCI Başkanı Kurt Gökhan Ölçer yorumladı. İzlemek İçin:

What industries will be winners in 2021?

What will be the course of the US economy in 2021? What industries will earn more? ATCCI President Kurt Gökhan Ölçer spoke live with Naz Özdeğirmenci on Ekotürk TV in Studio New York. To Watch:

How will the markets shape after the US elections?

ATCCI East President Mr. Alex Demirhan Demir was the guest of Naz Özdeğirmenci on Studio New York broadcasted live on EkoTürk TV.

What will be the potential economic impact of the US elections?

On the live broadcast of EkoTürk, ATCCI West President, Kurt Gökhan Olcer, spoke with Eda Özdemir about the developments in the US election process and the potential economic impact of the results. To watch:

The future of Turkish American business relations after US elections

What will the repercussions of US Presidential Elections be on the Turkish American Business relations? How can increasing the trade between the US and Turkey help improve political relations? How should Turkish investors and entrepreneurs strategize in the face of the global pandemic? ATCCI West and ATCCI East Presidents Mr. Kurt Gokhan Olcer and Mr.…
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American Turkish Chamber of Commerce & Industry Press Release

American Turkish Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ATCCI) has been established to increase Turkey’s exports with the United States of America and to contribute to the development of commercial ties between Turkey and the United States. A private, non-profit membership organization, ATCCI aims to develop joint initiatives and trade relations between Turkey and the United…
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